Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Screenplays posted online.

I have currently posted three of my screenplays on Please take some time to check them out and leave me your thoughts or suggestions.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Novel Picked Up by Tate Publishing

Space Crew-zers - Adventures on Dallas Station, the first book of my science fiction trilogy, began as a series of short stories for my grandchildren. At the time, they were from ages 8 to 16, the range I used for the heroes of the stories.
I wanted to use the adventure of the science fiction story while showing them that young people can do the impossible when it is thrust upon them. My grandchildren were the first to encourage me to get the stories published. Retirement offered my the time to expand and polish the stories.
In Adventures on Dallas Station our 13 young space adventurers awake to find themselves alone on Dallas space station. All the adults have seemed to disappeared and the odd evidence left behind, provides few clues to what happened.
Their plan for a systematic search of the station is suddenly, interrupted by a more pressing issue. The power for the station is failing. They must solve this problem or risk abandoning the station and all hope of finding the missing adults.
Being the elite Space Crew-zer team, they use their combined strengths and ingenuity to save the station, discover how the adults disappeared and return them from their time riff trap.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Short Poem to Start my Blogg

On the Night

The beauty of the
Dark is sweet
And tranquil.
     The harvest of the
      Peace and Luminesence.
The dark road,
Soft and eternal
In its still darkness.
     The time of Lovers,
     Arms intwined
     Beneath the aged' glow.
Still the crusted door
To nervous fears
And superstitous hearts.
     Still; 'till wolves
     Cry out their horrid songs
     Of watchfulness;
And all the world,
The weary bones of mortals,
Puts to sleep.